5-Minute Morning Magic



5-Minute Morning Magic: Daily Self-Talk for Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Maryse Cardin

Start the day off on the right foot by changing the way you talk to yourself with Maryse Cardin's 5-Minute Morning Magic.

Change your life by changing your inner voice!

Bring more magic to every day with just 5 minutes of positive self-talk each morning. What you say to yourself has been scientifically proven to influence your success and happiness. No matter what your goals, you can fill yourself with confidence, resolve, self-love, and strength by choosing the right words to fill your heart and mind. 5-Minute Morning Magic is your guide to making it happen!

- Embrace more than 75 simple yet powerful self-talk messages designed to uplift your spirit
- Reflect on thoughtful questions to help you find new possibilities in every day
- Discover all that you’re capable of and find encouragement to take bold steps toward your dreams

With each page of 5-Minute Morning Magic, you’ll find yourself motivated to rise and shine!

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