Sea Glass Earrings - White



Abby Alley

Organically shaped, recycled glass earrings with brass finishings and a sterling silver post. They resemble the naturally shaped pieces of sea glass you might find on the beach - no single earring is exactly alike - which is what makes them fabulous. Crafted by artisans in Kenya earning a living wage.

Length is approximately 1.25 - 1.5"



Abby is an elementary school teacher turned entrepreneur when her life took an unexpected turn and she found herself teaching at a school in Tanzania. This experience led her to explore East African culture, learn about craft and fair trade, and opened up a desire to connect women in the US to this very meaningful part of her story. Abby Alley is a brand that believes in people over product. They love fashion and believe it is a beautiful way to express ourselves, but their brand is not simply about products. They believe in partnership, collaboration, a sustainable lifestyle, progress over perfect, and always striving to know more and do better.