Gold Pearl Chain Jacket Earrings



Add a classy and unique touch to your outfit with these pearl chain jacket earrings, featuring a gold stud front and a drop chain backing with a freshwater pearl charm.

Quick tip: The chain back can be switched out with a regular earring back or vice versa for two completely different looks.

  • Postback
  • Lightweight.
  • Gold Plated over Brass; Freshwater Pearl
  • Size: 2″ Long – Pendants: 0.5″ x 0.5″
  • Hypoallergenic





Admiral Row Logo

Admiral Row began in 2012 after a holiday shopping trip led to a major quality disappointment. With that disappointment came the question of whether there was better in the market for people like us – someone newly in their career, with new responsibilities but did not have too much disposable income. Also, with the understanding they do not want to waste their money on low quality pieces that tarnish in a couple weeks. We all can’t afford real 14k gold jewelry but that does mean we can’t wear pieces that look like and feel like it. That’s where Admiral Row comes in. Here’s to changing the industry standard.

Care Instructions

Gold plated jewelry is made of a thin layer of gold electroplated over brass. Admiral Row chooses materials with the thickest plating, when possible, to ensure durability. However, it is still recommended that you avoid wearing gold plated jewelry in water. Also, try to avoid contact with lotion, perfume, oils, or similar substances to ensure the longevity of the chosen piece.

We recommend that gold plated jewelry be the last item you put on when accessorizing your outfit. At the end of the day, remove your Admiral Row piece and run a soft cloth over it before going to bed. Do not use any polish or soap to clean the jewelry as it could strip the plating. Carefully store your jewelry to avoid tangling and scratches.