Mystic Hand Stud Earrings



Amano Studio

The symbol of a hand with an eye in the palm appears in many cultures and forms. Most commonly, the Hamsa symbol is for protection and to ward off the evil eye.  These mystic hands were designed to represent creativity and the artistic connection between the hands and the eyes.

A bit smaller than 1/2" long, made of brass with a heavy 24k gold plate.

100% made in the USA.

Designed and assembled in Sonoma, CA by Amano Studio.



Amano Studio is a small, woman owned jewelry brand and production studio based in Sonoma California in the Valley of the Moon. Founder and designer, Seana Pedelaborde, is a 23 year veteran of the fashion and gift market. Amano (by hand in Spanish) began as a Fair Trade Mexican import company. Today Amano Studio, handcrafted in California brand is a trend driven, affordable line of fashion jewelry with an emphasis on quality materials, on-trend design and five star customer service. They draw inspiration from vintage fashion, the night sky and the beauty of the California landscape.