Breath Lift Drops

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Au Naturel Functional Wellness

The Breath Lift Drops are all natural liquid mint drops with a fresh blend of mood boosting vitamins & minerals and antibacterial ingredients that help you feel your best.

Conventional chewing gum is made mostly of plastic with harmful artificial ingredients. We aren't into that. The Breath Lift is our solution.

Packaged in all recyclable and reusable materials for a happy Earth!

Doubles as a refill bottle for the Breath Lift spray.

Directions: Drop them on your tongue, drop them in your tea or water, or use them to refill your Breath Lift bottle when you run out!

Ingredients: 3000IU Vitamin B12, 3000mcg Vitamin D3, 8mg Magnesium, Organic essential oils of peppermint and vanilla (SuperMint) OR cinnamon and peppermint (Cinnamint), Organic menthol crystals

Organic, vegan, gluten free, no sugar, and no artificial ingredients.




Au Naturel is founded by Sarah Cloes, designer, former naturopathic assistant, and psychology lover. Although Sarah started Au Naturel alone, her boyfriend Bret has become a big part of Au Naturel- helping with sales, decision making, and heavy lifting. ;) They also work closely with a few incredible Naturopathic doctors in San Diego to formulate their products.