Facial Brush with Bamboo Handle

By BeNat


This awesome superfine bamboo fibers facial brush will help you exfoliate dead facial skin cells while brightening your skin and keeping it firm.

It gently cleans pores and removes blackheads, oil, and other dirt. It is soft and gentle on delicate skin while effective in cleaning.

This brush has a solid wooden bamboo handle and naturally derived bamboo bristles.

Non-electric, no need for batteries or electricity, scrub and wash.






BeNat was  founded by a mom of 3, who wants the best for her kids, families, and planet. BeNat is passionate about promoting healthy, natural, and eco-friendly choices for those that care about the environment and are looking for simple, clean, and effective personal care & beauty products that are great for you and good for our planet.

How To Use

Apply cleaners to wet face. Gently brush your face in a circular motion.