Dissent Collar Keychain

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Dissent Pins

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a special collar she wore on days when she dissented from decisions being handed down by the Supreme Court. Justice Ginsburg also wore her “dissent collar” on November 9, 2016. 

Now, you can carry your own dissent collar with you every day with this 1.5" wide hard enamel keychain.

Dissent Pins splits 50% of profits from the sales of this pin between three organizations: Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT), International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), Center for Reproductive Rights.





Dissent Pins creates enamel pins and jewelry that celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other amazing women who have changed the world. Each of their products tells a story, and they donate 50% of their profits to organizations like the Bronx Freedom Fund, Planned Parenthood, and Black Girls Code.