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Foxy Drops Mood and Energy Tincture
Foxy Drops
Foxy Drops

Foxy Drops

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Meet the vibrant citrus drops that zing you with pure, steady energy + mood support throughout your day.

Foxy Drops are designed to bring out your foxiest self. Naturally sourced B12, D3, and adaptogenic ginseng root help to give you steadier energy without a crash, alleviate stress by balancing hormones, help boost immunity, and reduce brain fog.

Foxy Drops are perfect for adding to your morning lemon water, crafting adaptogenic cocktails, pre-Workout Motivation, when you're in a funk, supplementing a vegan diet, or colder months with less sun.

30ml dropper bottle 

Directions: Mix 1mL with a drink of choice, water, or drop right on your tongue up to 2 times a day. We recommend taking 1-2mL a day for optimal effects.

Ingredients: 3,000mg Ginseng extract*, 300mcg Vitamin B12*, 300mcg Vitamin D3*. Flavored with organic sweet orange & grapefruit essential oils. 

*Per bottle.

Always organic, vegan, gluten free, no sugar, and no artificial ingredients.