Kind Plant-Dyed Dish Cloths (3 pack)


    • Naturally dyed with pomegranate, tea leaves, and aster flower
    • Breathable weave dries quickly

    These cloths are beautiful, quick-drying, and made of organic cotton. They're great in place of paper towels to dry off wet hands or wipe down messy counter tops.

    Using nature as a paintbox, the dye-making process for Full Circle Home's Kind Cloths ditches harsh chemicals in favor of a nature-dyed alternative. This means that a red fabric is dyed with pomegranate, a green achieved with tea leaves, and so on.

    100% organic cotton


    Care: Machine wash, air dry.





    Bridging the gap between environmentally conscious and intelligently designed products that are also stylish, Full Circle combines sustainability and function without sacrificing beauty. As a certified B Corporation with a commitment to reduced environmental impact, Full Circle products use less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases in production.