Royal Plunge Toilet Plunger



People update their bathrooms all the time. New fixtures, a fresh coat of paint. You know what the easiest upgrade is? A new plunger. This one is sleek and has an added bonus: Full Circle put a naturally absorbent disk at the bottom that will prevent odor and mildew. Plunge royally.

  • Innovative plunger tucks neatly in a sleek ceramic holder
  • Dry Earth in base absorbs water, preventing mold + bacteria
  • Recycled aluminum and bamboo handle + no-slip/ no-scratch base

Finally, a plunger you wont have to hide away. Includes a beautiful ceramic base (plus the power of a moisture and odor absorbing Dry Earth insert.) You hope to not use it, but it’s ready when you need it.

All of Full Circle Home's products are made to be safe for you, down to the smallest details. They never, ever use toxic coating on their bamboo.

Dry Earth, Recycled Aluminum, Ceramic, Bamboo, ABS, Rubber

6.97”L x 6.97” W x 21.26”H – 17.7cm X 17.7cm X 54cm

Care: Switch out the replaceable brush and Dry Earth™ disk every 6 months. Ceramic base is dishwasher safe.

Bridging the gap between environmentally conscious and intelligently designed products that are also stylish, Full Circle combines sustainability and function without sacrificing beauty. As a certified B Corporation with a commitment to reduced environmental impact, Full Circle products use less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases in production.