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Ganesh Himal Trading Wool Knit Mitten

Wool Knit Mitten

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These Wool Knit Mittens in an assortment of colors with Nordic design are the perfect cold weather accessory. Each comes complete with a cozy fleece lining. 

Care Instructions: Hand wash

Please note that each pair is unique, and mittens come in assorted colors.

This product was created by artisan partners Padhma Creations. Padhma Creations aims to provide women artisans with health, education, and social welfare programs. 





Established in 1984 by husband and wife duo Ric Conner and Denise Attwood, Ganesh Himal continues to partner with many of the same artisans 35 years later. They believe that building long lasting relationships based on trust, dialogue and mutual respect is key to community building and helps move us toward a more equitable future. Ganesh Himal is a founding Fair Trade Federation member.