Children's Book - Yucky!



​Educational, entertaining, and relatable, Yucky! follows Lilly’s math struggles until the right teacher comes along and shows her that math can be fun. Once Lilly discovers that math can speak to her creative side, she realizes—“Maybe math isn’t so YUCKY!”

  • Hard cover
  • 32 pages
  • 8.5" x 8.5"

About the Author:

Now a professor at Dakota State University, Dr. Kevin Smith began his career as a high school math teacher. Eager to help his students understand that there is more to math than adding and subtracting, Kevin wrote and illustrated Yucky!




Kevin & Kaia are a father-daughter team located in Brookings, SD. They create hand-drawn greeting cards, postcards, and stickers with unique and simple designs. Kaia is in high school and learning about art, design, and entrepreneurship. Kevin is a professor who helps college students become teachers. They both love art and creating! Together they make fun and unique designs for any occasion! Their goal is to encourage people to write more letters, send more cards, and spread kindness as much as possible.