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LEEF Organics THRIVAL CBD Spray with a hint of Mint
THRIVAL CBD Spray | LEEF Organics
THRIVAL CBD Spray | LEEF Organics
THRIVAL CBD Spray | LEEF Organics
THRIVAL CBD Spray | LEEF Organics

THRIVAL CBD Spray | LEEF Organics

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Leef Organics

A pure and potent THRIVAL CBD formula, supercharged whole plant CBD using a proprietary technology, enhanced delivery system (perfectly metered (3 sprays = 1 dose), convenient for on-the-go) with a hint of mint to keep breath fresh.

A daily dose of this superfood, helps bring overall wellness to the body.

0.45 fl oz

Whole Plant is Better

  • Premium quality, lower dose for maximum benefit
  • Organic soil based farming
  • Refined to preserve the integrity of the plant

19.21 mg (plus the aminos, enzymes, fatty acids etc... you reap the benefits of due to our whole plant refinement methods)

Ingredients: Whole Plant CBD Proprietary Blend, Mint


Perfectly metered (3 sprays = 1 dose)

Shake well. Spray onto inner cheek twice daily. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

This product contains no more than 0.3% THC, including precursors, by weight.

Cold pressed

Remember, heat kills nutrients! Much like a cold pressed juice or blanching your vegetables, you never want to overheat your phytonutrients.

That's why THRIVAL is cold pressed.




LEEF was founded with a single mission to provide a botanically based alternative to improve and positively impact lives everywhere.