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Matcha - Citrus Mint Hibiscus

Matcha - Citrus Mint Hibiscus

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Flying Bird Botanicals' delicious organic matcha blends begin with their premium ground Tencha tea leaves. True to their unyielding commitment to source the highest quality herbs and ingredients, they've added the finest botanicals to create this delicious and nourishing matcha blend. Citrus Mint Hibiscus is as refreshing as it is delicious. Rich in antioxidants to promote wellness this blend is wonderful both hot and over ice.

Each large tin contains 60 grams for approximately 60 servings.


A blend of powdered Organic Tencha cultivars from the mountains and valleys of Japan, Organic Hibiscus powder, Organic Rosehip powder, Organic Peppermint powder, Organic Lemon Peel powder, Organic Blueberry powder, Organic Lemon Verbena powder


160º F


To Enjoy Hot: Add 1/2-1 tsp to your cup. Bring 8-10 oz pure water or milk to 160 º and pour over matcha. Add sweetener to taste. Whisk, shake or stir to perfection. 

To Enjoy Cold: Add 1/2-1 tsp per 8-10 oz pure water and sweetener to taste. Shake, wish or stir until well blended. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Those at Flying Bird Botanicals are passionate about crafting artisan teas that are both delicious and nourishing. Their teas are always made with only organically farmed and ethically wildcrafted herbs - looking first to their local community for sourcing. At home in the Pacific Northwest and across the country, they work with over a dozen farms to source the highest quality, freshest herbs available.