Bamboo Storage Box + Hemp Cotton Rounds



Why Hemp? For one acre of land, hemp can produce 1,500 pounds of fiber – 3x the amount of regular cotton. Hemp can reduce soil pollution, uses drastically less water, is antimicrobial and durable. These rounds are 70% organic hemp cotton and 30% organic cotton. 

The box is made from 100% bamboo, and is an excellent addition to any space.  Stylishly sustainable and perfect for storing your clean rounds with a convenient cut out for easy access. 

  • Storage Box Size: Exterior diameter- 4", interior diameter- 3.25", height- 3.75"
  • Hemp Round Size: 3.25" in diameter. Double sided (2 ply) — two layers sewn together makes for a better clean up! 


  • 1x Bamboo Storage Box
  • 10x Hemp Cotton Rounds
  • 1x Mesh Cotton Laundry Bag



Me.Mother Earth is a husband and wife team local to Las Vegas, NV who work to create products that provide convenience while helping to eliminate single-use plastics in our daily lives--stressing the importance of making simple swaps everyday and reducing our impact on the environment. It affects all of us.

Care Instructions

For best results, machine wash warm. Lay flat + air dry. No chlorine bleach or fabric softeners.

How To Use

Wet round first- this will make it so it won't absorb excess product. Add your favorite makeup remover, cleanser, or toner and apply it to your face and neck.