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Taylor's ELEVATED Muffin Mist Spray
Muffin Mist

Muffin Mist

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Muffin Mist is a Natural Mist Spray for keeping {down there} sweet n' fresh and keeping owies at bay! Not only will this herbal bestie of yours keep you fresh, it will help keep you moisturized and balanced.

Great for every day use and especially handy during Moon Cycles, after shaving or waxing, or for post partum soreness.


Vegan | Cruelty-FREE (Leaping Bunny Certified)

How to use: Spritz on your Muffin or spray on cloth or toilet paper for a luxurious, herbal, instant "wet-wipe." Also great to freshen up all your Muffin accessories such as panties, pads, linens and more!

Ingredients: NON-alcohol witch hazel, extra virgin olive oil, calendula, chamomile & comfrey, chickweed extract, Uva Ursi, rose petals, and essential oils (vary depending on scent chosen)

BALANCED: Grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, and clary sage essential oils

YLANG YLANG: Ylang Ylang & french lavender essential oils


Dominic & Malena Taylor, creators of Taylor's, hand-craft everything in small batches, using as local ingredients as possible. They are committed to quality, sustainability, and integrity, in all of their business practices.  And they are active in reducing waste to restore a balance to our planet, offering healthy alternatives, educating on sustainability, and raising the bar for other businesses to do the same.