Emerald Clay Mask




Unlike the Emerald City in the land of Oz, this mask is the REAL DEAL! French Green Clay absorbs and removes the impurities found in skin, giving life to the new surface of the skin. This transformation also tightens pores and gives skin a firm feeling- TONED and FRESH!

The Emerald Clay Mask and Scrub is packed with a delicious array of essential oils, green tea powder, vitamin C and so much more. It is the perfect kind of deep cleanse for all skin types. But especially dry or mature sensitive skin.

4 oz tube

Directions: Mix 1 tbsp powder with 1 tsp water until mask forms a paste. Apply to skin and leave on for up to 15 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week. For a custom version of your mask, try substituting either mashed avocado or pumpkin puree for water.

For normal or dry skin.

Contains: Green clay, white clay, golden flax seed meal, gotu kola powder, ground yarrow flowers, green tea powder, vitamin c, olive leaf powder, dandelion root powder, ginger root powder, frankincense powder, rosehip essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, marjoram essential oil, Himalayan cedarwood essential oil.




SallyeAnder is committed to delivering the highest quality, all-natural skincare solutions by foregoing the use of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and instead, using edible ingredients and essential oils.