Pumpkin Essential Soap

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Sallyeander uses real pumpkin in this bar so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t smell like your typical “pumpkin spice”. A perfect complexion soap for Fall. Savor the fresh aroma of pumpkin and subtle spice in the crisp autumn air. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, potassium, alpha-carotene, zinc, beta carotene, and lutein. Soothes, softens and tones. Helps dissolve dead skin cells and promotes new skin growth. Extremely moisturizing and toning. 

Sensitive skin friendly!

Each bar weighs approximately 0.31 pounds.

3 x 3 x 2.5"




SallyeAnder is committed to delivering the highest quality, all-natural skincare solutions by foregoing the use of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and instead, using edible ingredients and essential oils.


Olive Oil Blend (Olive and Vegetable), Pumpkin, Carrot Oil, Turmeric Powder, and Five Spice Powder