Scalp Therapy Shampoo Bar



Introducing a refreshing and detoxifying scalp therapy shampoo bar, formulated with a powerful combination of activated charcoal, peppermint, and tea tree oil to deeply cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp.

This shampoo bar is made with all-natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils. The activated charcoal gently purifies your hair and scalp by absorbing impurities and excess oil, leaving your hair feeling refreshed and clean. The peppermint oil provides a cooling and soothing sensation while promoting healthy hair growth. And the tea tree oil helps to soothe scalp irritations, reduce dandruff, and prevent hair loss.

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Tangie was started because Angie had enough of her annoying skin irritations. Something in her head told her to look at the laundry soap she was using. After all, we ‘wear’ our laundry soaps every day when we wear clothes. She looked at the ingredient labels on the laundry bottles, and to her surprise, there were no ingredients listed. No ingredients listed, is that legal? She ‘assumed’ all the ingredients had to be listed on products like these.

She then looked at her shampoo bottles, skin lotion, and kitchen cleaners. What she later learned about ingredients label requirements shocked her. Unlike food products, manufacturers of chemical products are not required to list ingredients on their containers or make them public! The industry simply expects us to trust their choice of ingredients and we just assume they will choose the safest ones.

What started as a quest for happier skin has grown into something much more. When Angie Ringler launched Tangie in 2012, she committed to only using natural ingredients. Driven by her passion for the best ingredients, as well as a personal commitment to respecting our planet, through Tangie, Angie has created magnificent products.
Care Instructions

Let the bar dry between uses. Like any bar of soap, if it sits in water, it will break down fast.


Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Peppermint EO, Tea Tree Oil and Activated Charcoal

How To Use

To use, simply wet your hair and rub the bar directly onto your scalp. A few good swipes all over your head is all you need. Sit the bar down and with both hands, massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. Follow up with conditioner if desired.

Shampoo bars are so easy to use and once you get used to it, you will never want to use a plastic bottle of shampoo anymore.

No matter how much hair you have, keep in mind it may take you less shampoo than you think! We have been very well marketed too for MANY years, teaching us that more is better. Try a few swipes of the shampoo bar over your head and see if that is enough lather for you. You will be surprised how well it works and how little it takes!

The true test is seeing how your hair feels AFTER it is dry and/or styled. It will only take you a few washes to determine how much shampoo is perfect for your needs.