Tanzanite Crystal Earrings



Two hand selected amazonite raw crystals have been electroformed onto a sterling silver post, with an accompanying sterling silver ear nut. These earrings are stunning and are sure to elevate your outfit!

Tanzanite is a great crystal for novices to aid in the exploration of psychic powers, as it is protective and promotes the clairvoyance. To engage the Third Eye and psychic powers, run a Tanzanite clockwise in the center of the brow, and counterclockwise to close it

Each stone is completely unique, just like you are. For this reason allow for differences as no two are identical. The earrings in the photos are not the actual earrings that you will receive.

Electroforming is the process of building up copper deposits on any object. The process can be very slow and it almost has a mind of its own. Sometimes there are striations in the copper, sometimes pits, sometimes there are little copper spheres. The results are always beautiful and unexpected making each piece entirely unique. Each piece had been cleaned up by hand and finished in the tumbler. The copper is absolutely raw... no added chemicals or sealants.
Drishti Handmade