Diaper Rash Skin Spray



Safe and effective!  Made of an infusion of Mother Earth's most healing herbs into the most healthy oils, Spray That Bottom provides soothing & healing relief for irritated skin due to diaper rash. Leaves skin moisturized and nourished. Also, easy to use for diaper rash prevention.

But, it's not just for diaper rash - and not just for kids!  Helps soothe and heal many skin irritations like drippy nose sores, itchy bug bites, sunburn, cradle cap, scrapes, minor rashes, dry skin, eczema and more.   Use it for the whole family.  Even great for postpartum owies!

  • Cloth diaper safe
  • Herbally Infused to provide soothing and healing relief
  • High quality, all natural ingredients - FREE of No-Nos!  No petroleum, phthalates, synthetic fragrance
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free (Leaping Bunny Certified)
  • Nut FREE
  • 4oz / 120ml Recycled aluminum bottle with sprayer



Dominic & Malena Taylor, creators of Taylor's, hand-craft everything in small batches, using as local ingredients as possible. They are committed to quality, sustainability, and integrity, in all of their business practices.  And they are active in reducing waste to restore a balance to our planet, offering healthy alternatives, educating on sustainability, and raising the bar for other businesses to do the same.


Non-alcohol witch hazel, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic chamomile, organic calendula, organic chickkweed, rosemary, comfrey, lemon balm, essential oils of organic orange, lavender, tea tree, and Vit E.

How To Use

SHAKE WELL and spray on anything needing skin TLC. Use as often as needed. Spray before sleep for optimum results. Stop use if irritation occurs (which is rare for all-natural products).