SUN! Baby SPF30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen

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This proprietary blend of natural sun protectants and soothing skin oils offer the perfect sunscreen for water play and all ages. It offers SPF30!

Perfect formulation for the face and safe for the lips!

2 oz


Dominic & Malena Taylor, creators of Taylor's, hand-craft everything in small batches, using as local ingredients as possible. They are committed to quality, sustainability, and integrity, in all of their business practices.  And they are active in reducing waste to restore a balance to our planet, offering healthy alternatives, educating on sustainability, and raising the bar for other businesses to do the same.


Extra Virgin, organic olive oil, non-nano 25% zinc oxide, sesame seed oil**, candelilla wax (vegan), virgin, raw macadamia nut oil**, organic coconut oil, tocopherol (vitamin e T-50), and pure French lavender essential oil.

How To Use

Use on skin when you're about to relax or have fun in the sun! This sunscreen works within minutes, so apply immediately before sun exposure. Apply as needed, at least every 1-2 hours (amount will depend on fairness of skin, place of sun exposure / amount of ray exposure (e.g. close to the equator / brightness, etc.).