Nordic Milk Chocolate Bar



This bar honors the first luxury milk chocolate bar that Terroir maker, Kristin, had when growing up in her small town. It was imported from Norway to a local gift shop. Like many ancestral settlers in the area, the bar’s taste profile harkens to the motherland and its notable chocolate legacy. To Kristin, this bar is a tribute to her roots. A perfect blend of balanced chocolate, caramel and fudge notes make the perfect bite with a longer finish. This bar will linger and has a longer finish of premium chocolate.

Choose Full Size 2oz or Mini 0.5oz bar




The award-winning chocolate of Terroir (tare-wHAr) is handcrafted and blended to create a chocolate that delights all senses. They believe that the boldest of flavors come from simple, real ingredients that honor their origin and thrill the eater. Each bar is made in small batches at our family owned factory in Northern Minnesota.


organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, whole milk powder