Be Sunshine KIDS Umbrella

$14.99 $25.00
By Umby

Umby's signature umbrella comes in a kids size too! Be Sunshine kids is beautifully crafted with safety and function in mind. With an adjustable carrying sling, Be Sunshine Kids can be worn on little shoulders or attached to any bag for easy transport. The sliding safety mechanism and round safety tips keep those little hands and eyes safe.  Get ready to experience rainy, puddling-jumping days in a whole new way!

This umbrella is on a mission: to bring sunshine to all your rainy days and support a family in need with one year of insurance.

  • The canopy is made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Safety tips and gliding keeps little hands and eyes safe.
  • The water-resistant carrying sling allows the umbrella to be worn over the shoulder or attached to a backpack.
  • The durable and recycled canopy provides UV protection so you can enjoy this umbrella on sunny and rainy days.




With each purchase, Umby provides one year of health, life, agriculture or disaster insurance for families in need. In tough times, insurance can break the poverty cycle by enabling a family to endure unexpected expenses and hardship. In the good times, insurance provides the security to dream, invest, and thrive.