Be Sunshine Umbrella

By Umby


Meet Umby's signature umbrella: Be Sunshine, is beautifully crafted to be innovative in purpose and function. With a waterproof case, lined with micro-fiber enhanced towel, Umby can be stored in your bag wet or dry. 

This umbrella is on a mission: to bring sunshine to all your rainy days and support a family in need with one year of insurance.

  • Made with bamboo handle, recycled aluminum frame and recycled plastic canopy.
  • Unique vented canopy allows wind to escape making the umbrella windproof.
  • The microfiber towel lined case is waterproof and allows you to carry your umbrella wet or dry.
  • The durable and recycled canopy provides UV protection so you can enjoy this umbrella in sun and rain.

Choose from:

Solar Case - Umby's signature case, named after our closest star - the sun, is waterproof and made from recycled plastic bottles.

Artisan-made Capella Case - Named after the 11th brightest star in the whole sky, this one-of-a-kind case is made using fabric woven by Thai artisans. The Naga woven fabrics are hand-made by weavers in Northern Thailand and represent an ancient Thai weaving tradition. The tone of each pattern represents the intertwining of nature and the crafter's life.

Artisan-made Nashira Case - Named after a giant star in the Capricorn constellation, this one-of-a-kind case is made using fabric woven by Indian artisans. These handloom fabrics are made by weavers in northern India. Handloom weaving is and ancient tradition and deeply rooted in Indian tradition and identity.

Artisan-made Alpha Case - Named after the brightest star in every constellation, this one-of-a-kind case is made using fabric woven by Malian artisans. The Bogolan or mudcloth is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. Each piece of fabric has a story to tell, as the arrangement of the symbols on the cloth reveals an intended meaning; and this language of the cloth is passed down from mother to daughter.

All water-resistant, and all lined with micro-fiber towel!




With each purchase, Umby provides one year of health, life, agriculture or disaster insurance for families in need. In tough times, insurance can break the poverty cycle by enabling a family to endure unexpected expenses and hardship. In the good times, insurance provides the security to dream, invest, and thrive.