Botanical Perfume Oil



100% natural, plant-based rollerball perfume oils. Hand-crafted using a unique blend of essential oils in a base of jojoba oil.

Available in five different scents:

The Poet - An intoxicating and fresh floral with notes of sambac jasmine, pink grapefruit, and rosewood*.

The Artist  - Woodsy, spicy, and rich with notes of sandalwood, moroccan cedar, and bergamot.

The Dreamer - Light, airy and optimistic. Sweet & floral with notes of neroli, honey and clementin.

Palo Santo - Deep, earthy & woodsy, this blend combines the oils of palo santo and black spruce with hints of patchouli.

Minor Arcana - Smoky, earthy, and inspired by tarot, this collaborative blend with Leigh Cox is a combination of vetiver, patchouli, and rosemary.

The Rebel - A fresh & fiery scent with notes of cardamom, cassia, and blood orange. 

Ethereal - Fresh + floral with neroli and clementine and a rich, vanilla-y base of benzoin and tonka bean.

Jasmine - The sweetness of jasmine is combined with the rich woodsiness of sandalwood and cedarwood.

Maya - Woodsy palo santo and fresh & herbal lavender are blended with a hint of patchouli.

Nina - A fresh citrus top note interplays with exquisitely rich, balsamic base of frankincense and sandalwood.


Packaged in hand stamped and numbered cardboard box and glass rollerball vial.

*No actual Rosewood is used, as it’s an endangered species. A combination of essential oils is blended to mimic the smell of Rosewood.

As with all products containing essential oils, check with your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or nursing. Not intended for use on children.



Under Aurora's botanical fragrances and skin care products are made using 100% pure, high grade essential oils and other quality plant-based ingredients. All of the products are cruelty-free and most are vegan.

How To Use

Apply to pulse points.