Andean Blueberry Chocolate Bar



***Please note: Chocolate will melt in hot temperatures. Due to potential melting of chocolate products during warmer months of shipping, these products will be shipped at the buyer’s risk. Please purchase with this in mind.***


This combination of two delicious superfoods loaded with an impressive amount of antioxidants is a match made in heaven.

Andean Blueberry, also known as Mortiño, is a native berry from the Andes Mountains. Its sweet and tangy flavor pairs cordially with the fruity and nutty essences of Amazonic dark chocolate.

65% Amazonic Cacao Bar with Andean Blueberry

Fine Aroma Amazonic Cacao can reach 21 different flavor hints that goes between floral, fruity and nutty essences. It is loaded with flavonoids that help you fight off free radical damage and protect you from oxidative stress, signs of premature aging, and heart disease. Cacao also increases the levels of endorphins and serotonin in your brain that help to enhance your mood, reduce anxiety, and give you a sense of well-being.

Andean blueberry has a high content of phosphorous, fiber, and calcium as well as Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C. These nutrients help to improve memory, strengthen bones, prevent infections, and promote healthy digestion.

Origin of Cacao: Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador
Origin of Andean Blueberries: Cotacachi, Imbabura Province, Ecuadorian Andes Mountains

Zachi helps support 20 families from the Andean Guanani community that are dedicated to cultivating the Andean Blueberries from January to August of each year.

The communities of the Andean area of Cotacachi have a strong relationship with Pacha Mama “Mother Earth” and its elements. Their culture originates and is created from their daily farming practices, of preservation of natural resources, health, rituals, and spirituality.


ZACHI was established in 2020 by a native Ecuadorian, Melissa Olivares Breen, and her husband Ryan Breen. Both coming from different cultures but passionate for chocolate, they were influenced by the consumption of healthy, organic food that is produced with social and environmental responsibility. Together, they decided to create a chocolate brand where people can feel confident in consuming a premium organic dark chocolate with many nutrition benefits. With the conviction that best flavor comes from the best ingredients, ZACHI products are made with the finest organic Ecuadorian cacao, known as ¨Fine Aroma Cacao¨, in combination with exotic healthy ingredients that enlighten the body and mind.

Organic cacao mass, Organic cane sugar, Organic dehydrated Andean blueberry, Organic sunflower lecithin