I absolutely refuse to gatekeep your favorites. I had so much fun seeing what you loved in 2023, and it's a list of amazing products that deserve to be shared.

Without further ado, here are our top selling products of 2023.


LSF Deodorant Cream

We have carried this deodorant for five years, and it’s a top seller year after year. But this year? It was our number one selling product, and I love to see it! Natural deodorant is a gateway into natural products, but it’s not always easy to find an effective one. We’ve got you covered! Stop in to have all of your natural deodorant questions answered (seriously we could talk about armpits all day), or email your questions to hello@terrashepherd.com!


Drew Bum Bag 

My love for this bag runs deep. It’s my accessory that provides the illusion that I’ve got my sh*t together even on my biggest of hot mess express days. This handsfree option travels well and pairs with everything in my wardrobe. I am ecstatic to see it on our top seller list.   


Eucalyptus Steam® Shower Steamers

Congested? Groggy? These steamers are sure to perk you right up, and they are my favorite morning “wake up” treat. The best part though? You can refill your jar in store and save big!


Beck’s Bum Bag

Meet the Drew Bum Bag’s little sister. Perfect if you seek a smaller sling bag without sacrificing functionality.


Magnesium Cream

Restless legs? Insomnia? Muscle pain? Headaches? Try this locally-made cream! This multitasker has been a game changer for so many of our customers.


Wool Dryer Balls

Our ethically made + organic dryer balls are an easy and effective sustainable swap! Say goodbye to plastic (and chemical laden) dryer sheets, and try this long-lasting option to reduce static, dry time, and wrinkles in your dryer.


Elasticity Serum

Say hello to another product we have carried for five years now! This well loved serum tones and enhances skin’s elasticity with the power of organic of botanicals. Daily use softens fine lines, fades hyperpigmentation, and tones slack skin, while leaving skin deeply nourished and glowing. 


Magic Magnesium 

I absolutely love the calming effects of this supplement, but magnesium does far more than calm. It’s foundational nutrition—to support healthy energy levels, bolster gut health and nervous system vitality, strengthen muscle, bone, and dental health, and provide hydrating electrolytes. And as an added bonus—the blue lemonade flavor is an absolute delight. I love mixing mine with sparkling water as a nightcap, but you can enjoy it at any time of day!


Humble Suds Laundry Soap

It’s such a win to me to see this laundry powder on our bestseller list! I love seeing that you love our sustainable swap options for everyday living. I have tried a lot of natural laundry powders, and I honestly haven’t always had the best experience. This natural laundry soap changed the game for me. As a mom of small children and dogs, I cannot sacrifice efficacyHumble Suds’ laundry soap ensures I don’t have to.


Dropps Dishwasher pods

Ya’llit took time to find a zero waste dishwasher option that met my efficacy standards. I am thrilled to see this gem on our bestseller list. This bulk product is available online! Simply choose your desired quantity, and we will ship them to you in one of our home compostable cello bags!
January 05, 2024 — Sara Jamison

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