Luxe Chunky Chain Bracelet



Fashion shouldn't have boundaries - it should be accessible to everyone. Love fashion? Love style? Express yourself without compromising on your principles.

This chunky chain bracelet is a statement piece that screams style, boldness, and conscious living! With every purchase, you're supporting the incredible women artisans behind Fair Anita's India Collection. Their dedication and craftsmanship shine through in every piece, adding an extra touch of meaning to your fashion choices. Live life to the fullest while wearing what you love. Show your values through your purchase. It's time to embrace a conscious lifestyle and make a statement with jewelry that is meant for good.

Pure recycled brass. Nickel-free. Measures 8" with 2.5" extender chain.



Fair Anita is challenging norms within the fashion industry and creating supply chains in the most ethical way they can imagine: investing in change-makers and centering artisans throughout every part of the process. They believe accessories should be stylish, affordable, and thoughtfully-sourced. They go beyond fair wages, investing in the individuals who breathe life into each of their products.