Dip & Drip Wall Mount Adapter

By Dip


The next chapter in bar storage. 

Turn the page on soggy haircare bars that melt into coasters or sink into wire & bamboo shower caddies.

The Dip & Drip wall adapter takes the bars off the shelf and onto the wall away from the stream of water.

Easy install: Twist-lock suction cup*--No tools. No damage. A renter's delight!

Will you ever lay your bars flat again? Probably not after you try this. Wet bars don't drip on top of one another. Shampoo drips away from the Conditioner. Dip & Drip....get it? Your dip bars can stay high & dry and also stay really nice throughout their lifetime.

Just use the draining spout as a thumb-push to slide the bars off of the stand instead of grabbing with a full hand & squeezing the bar into that mushy shape :)

And it works with most bar brands--helping to solve those icky soap scum issues. 

*Suction cup works only on glass, porcelain, polished ceramic, polished marble, or flat, non-porous tile. Will not stick to plastic liners, stone or across grout lines without the use of double stick tape (included).


This listing is for the ADAPTER MOUNT ONLY. The Life Preserver Soap Dish Stands are not included but can be found here

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Kate is the founder of Dip Sustainable Hair Care which aims to playfully educate people about the environment while encouraging people to buy better, buy less, and shop small. Dip has quickly become a go-to for conscious consumers looking for high-quality hair care that's good for the planet.