Ok ya'll.. here it is. My snow day gifts with purchase extravaganza! The free gifts for the items range in value from 25-75% of the item purchased!

A few things to note:

  1. The codes are automatic and will apply in your cart. If there are multiple items available for a specific code, you can purchase more than one AND receive additional designated gifts.
  2. The codes are automatic, but they cannot be combined with other codes. Our system doesn't allow it, but I have a workaround! Place separate orders for separate codes. We will combine orders from today on our end! If you pay for shipping, we will refund shipping overages once we fulfill your order.
  3. The item you intend to purchase AND the free gift need to be placed in your cart for the code to work. 
  4. There are no substitutions. I tried very hard to curate thoughtful combinations, but I understand they may not be everyone's cup of tea. And that's ok! Leave it for someone else to discover.
  5. Our clearance policy will apply here, meaning all sales are final. Please be certain if you decide to make a purchase. In the case that an exception needs to be made, this will come in the form of store credit only.
  6. I made sure to include a variety of price points for the included items, and they are in no particular order. Please take a look at them all!
  7. If you have any questions or if a code isn't working, please email me at hello@terrashepherd.com. I am going to walk my boys over the sledding hill by our house, but I will be checking it today!
  8. Please invite people to our little community group! There is a share button to invite your Facebook friends, or you can share this link. I am committed to being more intentional about pouring into both this space and our email list this year. 
  9. HAVE SO MUCH FUN! I had a blast putting this together. Thank you for being part of our community.

Snow Day Gifts with Purchase

  1. Buy Excuses to Celebrate Deck, get  Beeswax Candle Tin of your choice.
  2. Buy a Dr. Pete's Bread Mix, get stainless steel rolling pin.
  3. Buy a Girlfriend Collective Bra, get a Gallon Water Bottle with Time Marker Quotes.
  4. Buy Solid Dish Soap Bar, get Silicone Sink Organizer Tray.
  5. Spend $150 on Known Supply, get your choice of Blue Planet Sunglasses.
  6. Buy Tea Bento Box, get People I've Loved Mug of your choice (2 Take Good Care, 3 You Are Loved available)
  7. Buy Wooden Spoon Herbs 7oz Herbal Coffee, get 12oz Milk Frothing Pitcher.
  8. Buy Wooden Spoon Herbs Mane & Nails, get Glass Nail File.
  9. Buy "I Appreciate You" Card Deck, get "So F'ing Blessed" Pin. (one available)
  10. Buy Girlfriend Collective Legging, get insulated water bottle.
  11. Buy Bhava Herbal Mineral Soak + Scrub, get 4 individually wrapped tea sachets of your choice - make sure to add 4 sachets to your cart!
  12. Buy your choice of recently restocked Anju Earrings, get Small Flat Kantha Pouch.
  13. Buy Puzzle Set: 7 Days of Mindfulness, get your choice of a Tea With Tae Tea Tube (2 available).
  14. Buy Whispering Willow Eye Pillow of your choice, get Some Space Ear Plugs.
  15. Buy O My Bag Georgia Woven Leather Tote Bag, get O My Bag Woven Leather Wallet.
  16. Buy "How to Breathe Under Water" Guided Journal, get Beeswax Candle Tin of your choice (2 available).
  17. Buy Zero Waste Body Bar, get Silicone Sink Organizer Tray.
  18. Buy Terra Shepherd Every Time Clutch, get Woven Sari Pouch. (2 available)
  19. Buy Handmade Kantha Cosmetic Pouch (any size), get ESW Sheet Mask.
  20. Buy Fair Anita Jewelry Roll, get Amano Jewelry Stud Earrings. (1 available)