When it comes to embracing a sustainable lifestyle, one of the toughest things to do is simply recognizing WHERE to begin. 

Today I am here to remind you that the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to living more sustainably is doing NOTHING at all. The second biggest mistake you can make is attempting to transform every area of your life all at once. Instead, start with one area of your home and make those changes habits. Once you’ve tackled one area, move on to another!

Your journey to sustainability will not be perfect, so lay that expectation to rest right now. I know from personal experience that there will be missteps as you navigate how to best integrate sustainability into your life, but trust me when I say that perfection is not mandatory!

Use this list as a starting point for creating an eco-friendly laundry routine. It’s far from an all encompassing list, but it’s a fantastic place to start. 

You’ve got this friend!


  1. Switch to a powdered laundry detergent - powdered formulas use significantly less water to produce. Our powdered laundry detergent is also completely chemical free, so it’s also safe for the most sensitive skin. If you feel your clothes need extra deodorizing or brightening, try a natural oxygen powder for a boost.
  2. If you must use liquid detergent, choose a natural option that is biodegradable rather than petroleum based. Even better, choose our zero laundry pods!
  3. Try our zero waste stain stick to remove the toughest laundry stains. This little stick packs a punch and lasts a long time. Grass stains, tomato sauce, mustard, grape juice, bubble gum, blood, tar, ink, mildew, and more are no match for this zero waste AND chemical free bar. As an added bonus, this bar can also be used to scrub the dirtiest hands and remove stains on carpet, upholstery, and car interiors.
  4. Wash your clothes less - meaning only wash them when they are actually dirty. Wearing your jeans 10 times before washing can reduce water usage by 77% and extend the life of your garment.
  5. Use a GUPPYFRIEND laundry bag when washing clothing made of synthetic fibers to reduce fiber shedding and keep microplastc pollution out of our water supply. It also protects your clothing to extend their life!
  6. Kick plastic (yes, plastic!) dryer sheets to the curb. Choose sustainable wool dryer balls instead. If you need fragrance to give your laundry a boost, opt for a natural option and use a lavender dryer sachets.
  7. Line dry clothing - you’ll use less energy and extend the life of your clothes!
October 20, 2020 — Sara Jamison

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