It's all part of a plan. Trust me.

The slow fashion world can be intimidating. Period.

There is a lot to absorb - learning the ins and outs of sustainable fabrics, navigating certifications, understanding production processes, and discovering alternatives to purchasing new clothing. It’s a lot. Not to mention all of the other potential barriers to purchasing slow fashion like availability of extended sizes, pricing, and close proximity to stores that sell it.

I have learned over the past four years that items like toothpaste, however, are generally much less intimidating and more accessible. It’s a gateway to understanding and purchasing eco-friendly products. The price point is approachable, and it gets folks through the door. When this happens, conversations begin.

You likely already know that Terra Shepherd is not your average boutique. I not only want you to feel amazing in the clothing you purchase, I want to start a dialogue to help reshape consumption habits when it comes to fashion.

I truly want our customers to buy less clothing and invest in sustainably and ethically made fashion when it comes time to shop. But in the meantime, I have to sell things in order for my business to not only survive but also bring in enough revenue to thrive for years to come. By carrying truly consumable items like toiletries and everyday household items, I am able to drive sales while staying in alignment with the values of my business.


So while Terra Shepherd’s product assortment can seem a bit eclectic and maybe even nonsensical at first glance, it’s all rooted in everyday items that are sourced with both sustainability and ethical production in mind. 


It’s my absolute honor to help take the legwork out of finding brands that align with your values. Life is overwhelming enough - thank you for allowing me to help out by connecting you to brands that help you make small, sustainable changes in your everyday life.


Take a peek at some of my everyday favorites here.


March 28, 2023 — Sara Jamison

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Hi, I'm Sara!

If you are new around these parts, let me first say welcome! I am so happy you are here. Secondly, you may be wondering who exactly is Terra Shepherd. Terra Shepherd is actually not a person - it is a business name, a place, a way of thinking, and a community.

It is my goal to connect you with your clothing on a deeper level than you likely ever have by telling the stories of the makers, fabrics, production practices, and brands I have selected to carry in the store. I hope to help you realize the incredible value of investing in garments you truly love and are excited to cherish for years to come.

This space is intended to be one in which we learn and grow together. I welcome and encourage your feedback - it will serve as my guide with this journal.

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