When it comes to reducing waste at home, I am a huge proponent of small changes. An all or nothing attitude is often thrust upon us when it comes to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but small changes are the easiest for us to actually sustain in our everyday lives. Too many changes at one time can become overwhelming quickly, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any extra space in my life to allow overwhelm to creep in if I can help it.

My advice?

Pick ONE zero waste swap, yes just one, and allow that to become habit before making any other changes. Better yet, choose the zero waste swap that sounds easiest, and make that the one that you tackle first.

Here are 5 of my favorite zero waste swaps for Spring Cleaning:

1. UNpaper Towels

I will admit - I was incredibly intimidated by these. But now, three years after purchasing them, I confidently sing their praises to anyone willing to listen. Napkins, tissues, cleaning up spills, dusting - we use them for anything and everything in our house. Afraid of the really gross stuff? (I live with two small children and two dogs, I get it, trust me.) You can still keep paper towels on hand! It’s really ok, trust me. But these will help you save money AND reduce the amount of waste you create on a day to day basis.

Not ready to go all in? We have 6-packs to try too!

2. Antibac Toilet Cleaner

Meet one of our beloved refill products - the Antibac Toilet Cleaner from City Maid Green. It’s effective without the harsh chemicals and a completely plastic free option for keeping your toilets squeaky clean. 

Not local? We have a refill option that can be sent to you!

3. Dishwasher Pods

It took me a while to find a zero waste dishwasher solution that I truly loved. Our dishwasher pods from Dropps power away stuck on food. They are also Dye-Free, Chlorine-Free, Phosphate-Free, Phthalate-Free, zero waste, AND completely unscented! Meaning you aren’t left with any detergent taste on your dishes. Yippee!

Bring in your own jar to fill up in the store! Not local? We’ve got you. You can order online, and we will ship them in a home compostable bag.

4. Reusable Mop Pads

Looking for an alternative to disposable mop head sheets? This heavy duty, washable, and reusable Scrap Felt Mop Pads are just the ticket! Multiple layers of cotton flannel are felted together to create a mopping accessory that is super absorbent while the single ply flaps on both sides can clip into most standard size mop heads. Use wet or dry! And yes, it is compatible with some leading brand sweeper products.

5. Refillable Glass Cleaner

This plant-based glass cleaner keep mirrors and windows sparkling clean and streak-free without the overpowering smell of harsh chemicals. The simple but powerful formulation gently removes all traces of streaks around your home.

Your bottle can be refilled in store or by purchasing a refill pouch.


Looking for more ideas on how to reduce waste in your everyday life? Check this out.

March 20, 2023 — Sara Jamison


Taylor Gibson said:

Love love love this! Some of my favorites as well. My list of favorites also includes a sisal hand brush for dishes!

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