Oh, that magical question.. "When are you re-opening?"

Since I made the difficult decision to close our doors to the public on March 23 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have desperately tried to figure out the "right" time to re-open our doors.

As the owner of a business rooted in social responsibility, I have committed my mission to prioritizing the wellbeing of people and the environment over profit. These priorities have guided every single decision I have made in this business from day one.

I now find myself toeing a fine line between my commitment to this mission and the very survival of my business.

Truth be told, there is no "right" time and no "right" way to navigate a path forward. Like all small business owners, I am simply doing the best I can to make decisions that allow me to sleep at night but also keep my business alive.

I fully respect and honor the tough decisions being made each day by my fellow business owners, but I am not quite ready to open our doors to the public. I am proud to have created a space where our guests are enticed to touch, smell, try, and truly experience our beautiful products; but I believe we need more information and time to evaluate how to best return to that same experience.

Until then, my team and I are excited to have found an opportunity to begin to welcome your beautiful faces back into the shop in a more controlled environment to test the waters.

We are making a limited number of appointments available each week to provide you a personalized sustainable shopping experience. Right now these appointments will provide us with a safer way to invite you into the shop while offering you a one-on-one shopping experience in our lovely store. We are excited to continue to develop this experience to become a permanent part of our offerings to YOU, our beloved community.

This is an ideal opportunity for those who:

  • Would like the opportunity to try items on in store;
  • Desire styling assistance;
  • Are interested in building a capsule wardrobe;
  • Want to learn more about sustainable fashion and the impact of their buying decisions.

What we ask of you at this time:

  • Please use provided hand sanitizer upon entry to the shop.
  • Face masks will be required at this time. Reusable cloth masks are available for purchase at this store if you need one.
  • Keep a loving distance of six feet between yourself and our team.


  • Fitting rooms will be sanitized between each appointment.
  • All non purchased clothing will be steamed in an effort to sanitize the materials.

This situation continues to be fluid and ever evolving (which is torture for this Type A personality), but I welcome you to the latest chapter of this journey and thank you for your continued support of me, my team, and our small business!

Sign up for your Sustainable Styling Session here.

May 20, 2020 — Sara Jamison


Michael Jamison said:

Sarah, sounds like a perfect first step. What a great way to better understand and learn about your customers. Enjoy the opportunity to create even a stronger relationship with your community. Enjoy!!!

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