Flaxseed Hair Gel



Moisturizes your hair while creating soft to the touch curls. This medium hold Flaxseed Hair Gel nourishes your hair and scalp with Vitamin E and Omega-3s, while the Aloe boosts your hair’s strength, shine, and moisture. Together these provide your hair with that classic Flaxseed gel hold.

  • For any hair type
  • Raw, plant-based formula
  • Vitamin E and Omega-3s to nourish
  • Aloe Vera to boost strength

Fun Fact: Once your Refill pouch is empty, return to Terra Shepherd and we will send it back to A Simple Planet for you. Once returned, the empty pouches are cleaned, sanitized, and refilled to be used again! Not only have you eliminated a single use bottle with your refill pouch purchase, but you are contributing to a program that is hoping to eliminate double, triple, even quadruple use bottles! Each pouch indicates how many single use bottles it has helped to eliminate – it sure adds up! 




A Simple Planet was launched to incorporate a “let’s take care of this earth” attitude with the need to formulate products for all hair types. Keeping the simple ingredient strategy, they offer products for all hair types that: Reduce potential allergens and irritation Reduce wasted energy on ingredients that the earth must produce but are not essential to the effectiveness of a hair care product


Sweet Orange: Water, Flaxseed*, Aloe Vera*, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Sweet Orange Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

How To Use

Apply evenly to wet hair. Air dry or diffuse thoroughly with minimal touching. Once completely dry, scrunch and style.