Handmade Kantha Cosmetic Bag



There's nothing better than kantha on the go! These Kantha stitched cosmetic bags are perfect for carrying all of the things you need on the go. Each bag is lined with sturdy canvas fabric and a big flat bottom to make sure it can hold everything you need.

The medium Kantha Cosmetic Bag is perfect as a small makeup bag! Need something smaller? The small Kantha Cosmetic Bag is perfect for a catch all for all those small necessities in your purse! Need to carry a lot of things? The large kantha cosmetic bag is perfect as a large makeup bag or as a travel organizer! Need to carry ALL of the things? The extra large Kantha Cosmetic Bag is perfect as a travel organizer to hold your curling iron, beach flip flops, or all your cosmetics!

  • Small: 5 in x 7 in
  • Medium: 6 in x 10 in
  • Large: 8 in x 13 in
  • Extra Large: 9 in x 15 in
Every Kantha Cosmetic Bag goes through the hands of 3 women and creates 3 hours of work! Each piece is made from colorful, recycled Kantha textiles, so colors and patterns are all one-of-a-kind and will vary from photos shown.




Asha Project exists to empower women in India to help support their families and bring hope back to their communities. Asha Project was created with a vision to empower women in India to help break the cycle of poverty that has a hold on their families and communities. They believe HOPE (Asha) is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty in India and around the world. Hope for Change. Hope for a Better Future. Hope for Something New.