Avian Tarot



By Brittany Lynn Batchelder

Discover inner truths and let inspiration take flight with this unique, exquisitely illustrated bird tarot deck and guidebook.

We have looked to birds as symbols of meaning and wisdom for millennia. 
The Avian Tarot brings together the divinatory power of birds and the oracular tools of the classic tarot deck, drawing on history, science, mythology, symbolism, and spiritual significance to carefully connect each Major and Minor Arcana card to a specific bird.

Featuring a wide array of species, from common (pigeon and chickadee) to rare (hoatzin and dikkop), this impressive aviary throws open the feathered world around us and invites deeper understanding. A 220-page guidebook offers insights and illuminates the connections to help enrich and inform readings. Exquisitely hand-illustrated, with gold ink on every card, this set has been crafted to celebrate the beauty and truth of our avian guides.

BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: All 78 cards feature individual bird illustrations created in black ink on white illustration board, with gold elements later carefully applied.

AVIAN ORACLES ABOUND: Each avian oracle embodies its own wisdom in relationship with its tarot pairing, including the Empress (Swan), Temperance (Magpie), the Sun (Peregrine Falcon), the Queen of Wands (Cockatiel), the Ace of Swords (Barn Owl), the Nine of Pentacles (Peacock), and many more.

ROOTED RELATIONSHIPS: Avian-tarot connections for each card are rooted in natural and cultural history, mythology, spiritual tradition, and other associations, illuminated along with each card's symbolic interpretation in an illustrated guidebook of more than 200 pages.

Perfect for:

  • Tarot practitioners, divination enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a unique approach to their mindful practices
  • Birders and nature enthusiasts
  • Anyone curious about the lyrical intersection of science and symbolism
  • Collectors of specialty tarot cards and oracle decks