Toilet Cleaner Strips



Unlike traditional toilet bowl cleaners that come in plastic bottles and contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and harmful ingredients - these strips are made with clean, eco-friendly ingredients and minerals for powerful plant-based cleaning. A combination of natural essential oils like rosemary oil and peppermint oil are used to eliminate odors and leave a light and fresh scent in your bathroom.

Using the strips is incredibly easy – just drop one in your toilet bowl, wait until it dissolves, brush, and flush - leave a few minutes longer for tough stains, rust or limescale buildup. The strips also come in child-safe compostable (and recyclable and biodegradable) packages so you can worry less about leaving them around (of course it is still good practice to keep them out of reach of babies and pets!). With Nantucket Footprint zero waste toilet cleaning strips, you'll never dread cleaning your toilet again.

Nantucket zero waste toilet strips have been tested and proven to perform alongside major brands on hard water, rust stains, and limescale. They are septic safe and cruelty-free. They are also effective at keeping your toilet bowl clean and fresh. And the best part? They save space and money. Each strip takes a fraction of the space of traditional bottle.

No more need for DIY cleaning - our strips contain only the active ingredients to do a great job without anything extra - no harsh chemicals, no preservatives, no chlorine bleach, no ingredients like phosphates, sulfates, hydrochloric acids or ammonia, and no plastic packaging – our compact strips have got you covered while keeping little footprints in mind!


No Artificial Fragrances No Artificial Fragrances

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Nantucket Footprint believes that an ethical and environmentally sustainable business is both possible and necessary for the future of our planet. Their values and B Corp Certification ensure that they stay on that track.


capryl glucoside (coconut derived surfactant), citric acid (ph adjuster), glycereth cocoate (water softener), vegetable glycerin (for texture), polyvinyl alcohol (biodegradable membrane), sodium citrate (water softener), sodium sulfate* (mineral based surfactant), potassium sorbate (food grade preservative), blue gardenia (100% natural colorant), Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils

*this is NOT the same as Sodium Laurel or Sodium Laureth Sulfate

How To Use

For an effective natural clean, toss one strip into your toilet bowl, allow to dissolve, and clean your toilet with a brush as you would any other toilet cleaner. The powerful yet gentle ingredients work to remove stains and grime, and leave your bathroom smelling fresh. Then, flush!

These products are meant to be stored at room temperature and at average humidity. In cold or dry conditions they may become brittle. If this happens - no worries. They will become pliable again once humidity returns to normal. For a quick fix just waft individual strips over boiling water for a few seconds before use.