Ascent Incense - Ambara



These incense sticks start with a sustainably grown bamboo stick. A thick paste of reclaimed rubberwood powder, Indian laurel bark powder (a natural gum, also know as jiggat), and water, is coated onto the stick. The sticks are then sundried for several days and then infused with a blend of oils unique to each scent.

Heart-melting notes of vanilla, rockrose, precious resins, and sandalwood, were chosen to create this heavenly amber scent.  Ambara in Sanskrit means ' Of the sky', and indeed Ambara is an aroma that will transport you to another realm.

12 stick pack.





Between Heaven & Earth is an incense and perfume company that strives for sustainability and fair trade in everything we do. Their company started as a one-person, basement enterprise, selling incense at music festivals 20 years ago. As they have grown they remain committed to producing sustainably made, high-quality, beautiful, products that smell great.



Reclaimed rubber wood powder(Hevea brasillensis), Indian laurel bark powder(Litsea glutinosa), bamboo, essential, and perfume oils