Beeswax Apothecary Glass Candle



This 3.2 ounce apothecary glass is a simple, utilitarian candle in a reusable glass jar. Burn the purest, unscented beeswax in your home with this classic apothecary glass candle. Each candle is made with 100% pure beeswax and will burn for 25 hours!

  • 3.2oz
  • 25 hour burn time



A note from the owner of Big Dipper Wax Works: "It was back in the summer of '93 when I was first enlightened with the idea of making candles. My good buddy Hefe and I were hiking along the rugged shoreline of the Olympic Peninsula. On our first evening, as the final rays of sunshine dipped below the horizon, we breathed deep of the fresh ocean air and fixed our gazes upon the emerging stars. After several hours of philosophical banter on the meaning of life, my eyes settled on the most recognizable beacon in the northern sky, "The Big Dipper". Suddenly my future flashed before my eyes. I would use elements of nature, which I so respect, to create a natural source of light. Hand "dipped" beeswax candles. And so "Big Dipper" Wax Works was born. Like drones to their queen, we have served and remain dedicated to our values, and proudly continue to make the best all natural candles available."