BULK Unscented Dishwashing Pods

By Dropps


For stuck-on messes and sparkling glasses.

This triple-action dishwashing detergent uses natural minerals to rinse away baked-on food and stains, no pre-wash needed. Glasses so sparkly and dishes so clean you can eat off them. Literally.


These Laundry Detergent pods are sold in quantities of 10. Purchasing a quantity of 1 = 10 laundry pods, a quantity of 2 = 20 laundry pods, etc. When purchasing a quantity of 3 (30 laundry pods) or more, save 10%. No code needed--discount automatically applies when you add 3 or more to your cart.

Dropps BULK dishwashing pods are not shipped in a container.





Dropps has a vision for what home care can – and should be. They believe that you can have it all: effective, eco-responsible, and convenient products. Not one thing at the expense of another. Better for you, better for the planet.

Care Instructions

Store somewhere out of reach to keep your little ones and pets safe.



Sodium carbonate*, sodium percarbonate*, poly(itaconic acid-co-AMPS) sodium salt* , trisodium citrate dihydrate*, alkoxylated alcohol*, subtilisin, silicic acid*, tetraacetylethylenediamine*, alpha amylase, polyvinyl alcohol film (PVOH). *Denotes plant or mineral origin.

How To Use

1. Add your dishes - no pre-wash needed
2. Place pod in dishwashing machine dispenser
3. Choose your wash cycle

The powerful little pod will take care of the rest. So easy, you'll wonder if it's magic. But it’s just nature and science. Cool, right?

For best results: use dry hands, and double check that no big pots or pans are blocking your dispenser or water flow. We’ve all been there.