Mistakes Were Made Burn This Journal



Like those teenage diaries with a lock (in spirit, anyway), this “true confessions” style guided journal with prompts offers a private place for you to write down all your burning-est secrets, dreams, regrets, mistakes, fantasy do-overs—then give yourself some grace and close the cover. (And maybe “accidentally” throw this journal into a fire—totally your call.)

  • A light-hearted AND deep solution to the age-old Q: What do you do with a problem?
  • Helps alchemize shame, anxiety & looping thoughts into a bunch of beautiful oops!
  • 5.25 x 7.5 inches; 112 pages
  • Elastic band & fancy foil stamping!

After a cancer diagnosis, founder, Emily McDowell, learned that sometimes people drift away simply because they don’t know what to say. She also learned that there wasn’t a huge supply of greeting cards available that spoke authentically to complex or nontraditional life experiences. So in 2012 she started writing and illustrating her own cards, reflecting her real, complicated life—like Valentines for people who are kinda ambiguously dating, Mother’s Day cards for people who aren’t technically your mom, and cards for seriously ill people who might find “get well” messages awkward at best.

At Em & Friends, they make cards and products for the relationships people really have and the lives we really lead: relationships and lives that are messy and beautiful, tricky and wonderful, and a whole bunch of everything else in between.