Eco Wool Dryer Balls



Take your zero waste laundry routine up a notch with Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls.

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls soak up moisture in your dryer by absorbing up to 30% of their weight in water. Plus, their movement in the dryer helps separate your clothes and sheets allowing air and heat to circulate and dry them faster. As your laundry dries, the dryer balls fluff and evenly redistribute humidity in the dryer eliminating wrinkles, reducing static cling and providing a softer feel to your fabrics. The result is a quicker drying time, softer and more manageable laundry, all with less energy used, and more money in your pocket!

Friendsheep wool dryer balls are handmade observing fair trade practices in the Himalayan Valley of Kathmandu from 100% premium organic and cruelty-free New Zealand wool. They are reusable for 1000+ times, completely biodegradable, chemical free, scent free, hypoallergenic, and baby safe.

Stop using single-use, chemical-filled plastic dryer sheets and fabric softeners, and get your Friendsheep dryer balls that are handmade with love for a better world!

Contains four or six wool dryer balls in a hand-printed cotton storage bag - perfect for small and medium loads.

How long do they last? They will last for years! Your Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are reusable for 1000+ loads each ball. Most people will use them for 2 to 5 years depending on how much laundry they do.

How many balls should I use? You can use 4 for small loads and 6 for full loads, but we suggest using 6+ all the time because it will shorten your drying time even more. In general, the more the better.

How do I use them? Super easy! Just toss them in the dryer with your laundry, and always use a moisture-sensitive setting on your dryer. You can also stop the dryer 5-10 minutes before the end of its normal cycle. Do not over dry. Remember that over drying will produce static cling.

Are my Eco Dryer Balls compostable? Yes they are! And so is the storage drawstring bag they come in!



Friendsheep is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic and toxic chemicals commonly found in household commodities like dryer sheets, fabric fresheners and pet toys by offering reusable zero waste alternatives. To them, nothing is more important than the health of our environment. That is why all of their products are reusable, plastic free, cruelty free, fair trade, and compostable.