Biodegradable Poop Bags



GreenLine Poop Bags are the only dog poop bags on the market that are truly biodegrade. Made with new technology, the bags biodegrade anywhere - including an anaerobic environment (a.k.a landfill). Independently-tested, the bags fully biodegrade within 28 months.

  • 12 bags per roll
  • Available in single roll, 8-pk rolls, or 24-pk rolls
  • Fits most standard holders
  • Bag size: 9" wide x 14" long


Greenline Pet Supply products are sourced in the US and assembled by people who love dogs and care for our environment. They believe in making products with a purpose. From the materials They source to the people they partner with, their goal is to do their part and make products you are excited to share with your friends.