Dandy Bandana



Who doesn't fondly remember the sweet satisfaction of a puff of breath sending fluffy spores out onto the wind and out into the world?

Dandelions are much maligned, but they are actually beautiful flowers; at first, they're pesky and resilient little bursts of bright yellow sunshine, but then they turn wistful and wishful when they go to seed.

The Dandy bandana captures the joy of this common yet magical lawn flora.

Color: Pale pink background with Green, Blue, and Gold  

  • 22 x 22 inches
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Designed in the U.S.
  • Hand screen printed in India



Originally named "Hemlock Goods" because the hemlock plant is pretty but poisonous, tender yet tenacious. They see the spirit of the hemlock plant in the women they admire, and it's what inspires the bandanas they create. Recently Hemlock changed the name to Handker to embody our primary product: handkerchiefs (aka bandanas) and also the delightful craving feeling that comes with the homonym "hanker". Handker bandanas were made to be beautiful, yes, but they're also tough. They can hold your hair back, carry an outfit, pick up spills, and store your beloved treasures and favorite snacks. The possibilities are endless with these hardwearing, artfully designed handkerchiefs. And with a Hemlock bandana in your possession, your possibilities are endless too.
Care Instructions

Can be washed and dried on high heat, but may fade a bit.