Hello Hummingbirds: Read and play in the tree!



By Hannah Rogge, Illustrated by Emily Dove

Zip from flower to flower with a pair of hummingbirds in this ingenious board book that stands up to transform into a tree!

The youngest nature lovers will adore this clever interactive board book! Simply "fly" the two hummingbird characters—attached to the board book with ribbons—through the beautifully illustrated pages to hover over flowers, sip sweet nectar, and build a cozy nest for their eggs. Full of playful and informative touches, this book is a sweet introduction to these bright and irresistibly appealing little birds.

HUMMINGBIRD LOVE: These tiny but powerful creatures are both adorable and important to the health of our environment. Kids and parents will love engaging with this lightly educational book.
PLAY AND LEARNING: This is a book and toy in one! Shaped pages and pop-out characters invite interactive play as well as learning about the natural environment.

NEVER LOSE A PIECE! Each hummingbird character is attached by a ribbon and fits seamlessly into the cover of the book, which can be shelved for easy storage.
DISTINCTIVE DESIGN: Features eye-catching design and adorable art by certified naturalist Emily Dove.

Great for ages 3-5.