Milan Ultra High Rise Wide Leg Jeans - Dim Sky


Inspired by 70s silhouettes, the Milan is a high-rise wide leg jean that's on trend and ultra-flattering. Dim Sky features a raw hem and is the perfect medium blue that dresses up with heels or down with sneakers. 

99% Cotton / 1% Spandex

Lola Jeans sustainable denim is produced using 80% less water than conventional denim. They achieve this with technologies like textile recycling, ozone washing, and laser finishing. Other benefits include reduced pollution and increased worker safety.


Sara (video) is 5’5” and is wearing size 31. Her measurements are 36” (bust), 32” (waist), and 44” (hips).


In 2004, founder David Abissidan, set up shop on top of his dad’s jeans store in Montreal and set out to create them himself. In 2006, his brother Sam and he joined forces, and Lola Jeans was born. But denim is a dirty business. A pair of jeans uses the same amount of water that one person drinks in 13 years, approximately 8000 liters. And it also contaminates it! Lola Jeans wanted to pursue sustainability in a sustainable way. In 2020, they acted! They partnered with a production facility in Turkey that operates a state-of-the-art water filtration system and uses ozone & nebulization technology. The water filtration system recycles the wastewater, and the ozone & nebulization technology reduces water consumption by 80%.
Size Guide

This chart is meant to guide you in deciding on the right size. If you're still unsure on which size would fit you best, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here. Just let us know your measurements and fit preference, and we will recommend a size.

Body Measurements in Inches

US Waist Hip Inseam
24 24.5-25.5" 34.5-35.5" 32"
25 25.5-26.5" 35.5-36.5" 32"
26 26.5-27.5" 36.5-37.5" 32"
27 27.5-28.5" 37.5-38.5" 32"
28 28.5-29.5" 38.5-39.5" 32"
29 29.5-30.5." 39.5-40.5" 32"
30 30.5-31.5" 40.5-41.5" 32"
31 31.5-32.5" 41.5-42.5" 32"
32 32.5-33.5" 42.5-43.5" 32"
33 33.5-35.5" 43.5-45.5" 32"
34 35.5-37.5" 45.5-47.5" 32"
36 37.5-39.5" 47.5-49.5" 32"
38 39.5-41.5" 49.5-51.5" 32"
40 41.5-43.5" 51.5-53.5" 32"
42 43.5-45.5" 53.5-55.5" 32"


How To Measure

A: Chest

Measure your chest around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a well fitted bra.

B: Waist

Measure your waistline at the most narrow part.

C: Hip

Measure the fullest part of your hips.

D: Inseam

Measure from the top of your inside leg to the bottom of where you'd like your pants to hit.

Care Instructions

Machine wash. Tumble dry low.