Period. Pain.



Marnie's Naturals

PMS? This balm will help cramping, bloating, and chest discomfort that comes with your period.

Directions: Apply directly to lower stomach area for cramping, onto chest for soreness. Use on feet and legs for water retention. Can also be used to relieve post partum cramping!

Ingredients: beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, vitamin e, essential oils of: ginger, cypress, geranium, and clary sage.

2 oz

Store in a cool, dark place to extend the life of your products

Made locally in Sioux Falls, SD.



From Marnie: "I have always been a pretty natural girl...less is more. So, after reading the ingredients of products I was using, I thought I could do this and make them better. After a year of experimenting and finding the right textures and scents, I have for you: Marnie's Naturals. Why all the periods everywhere? It's how I type...those must be moments of silence for me, so I had to bring them into my products. A silent statement—take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Enjoy the scents of Marnie's Naturals."