I Grew This! Bandana



This is a bandana about planting seeds and waiting and then enjoying the fruits of your labor. Sometimes you have to step back and look at your garden with amazement and say "I grew this!" - with the help of pollinators, water, soil, and sun of course! The garden in this case is a metaphor for many things that take time and work. We love this bandana so much. 

This 22" x 22" cotton bandana was made and printed in the US and is machine washable!



Owner, Molly Anne Bishop, is an artist and illustrator inspired by pop culture, nature, art history, and the boring, everyday things we all have to do. She makes products that bring a little joy and goofiness to the mundane - from getting dressed in the morning, having an afternoon sparkling water treat, or cozying up with some tea at night.